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This photo was part of a creativity exercise I did a while ago which was a study of light, shadow and textures. This is one of a group of rental cottages in Truro, MA which is here on Cape Cod. Check out the slide show for more pics.

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06 August 2010

Want to see something pretty????

My friend took a sculpture class this summer at the local college where she teaches computer and math courses.  Her class' last project was a rustic furniture piece - no glue allowed!  I think this piece is as cool as any you would see in a gift/craft store up in Vermont or Maine.   The glass top/bowl is purchased but its PERFECT!!!
Great design and balance on this project - I could see it in someones living room or entry way.  Oh - she follows this blog so lets see how long it takes for her to see her piece.

1 comment:

LM said...

Apparently not long -- you are too funny, but you put a smile on my face and a laugh in my heart -- what more could anyone want out of work? Wait til you see it in person!