No - this is not my house . . .

This photo was part of a creativity exercise I did a while ago which was a study of light, shadow and textures. This is one of a group of rental cottages in Truro, MA which is here on Cape Cod. Check out the slide show for more pics.

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16 August 2011


This was on my neighbor's back patio screen earlier this summer.  Its a Giant Silkworm Luna Moth, but she had no idea what it was.  It's about 4 inches or more long and looked like a small bird when it was flying around.  How cool is this?  If I had a moment to create right now I can picture some pretty cool cards inspired by this.

09 August 2011

Cape Cod - One of the Most Beautiful Places in America!

Good Morning America has listed Cape Cod as one of the top 10 most beautiful places in America and you can help make it #1!  Go to and vote!