No - this is not my house . . .

This photo was part of a creativity exercise I did a while ago which was a study of light, shadow and textures. This is one of a group of rental cottages in Truro, MA which is here on Cape Cod. Check out the slide show for more pics.

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16 September 2011

Mid Cape's Turkey Clan

I was leaving the development where I live and had to turn around to photograph these guys in my neighbor's yard.  This rafter of turkeys have been wandering around the mid-Cape area - mostly Barnstable - for a few years now.

This group of turkeys contains the rogue turkey who made national news back in January attacking a mail truck.  Someone tried to claim it was some lost turkey that belong to the late Sen. Kennedy, but those of us who have seened these guys walk around knew better.  Maybe this Tom knew the mail carrier had a turkey sandwich in his lunch bag!

Here are a couple of additional photos I took of our friends.   They are huge!  One of my errands I was going off to do brought me to the local feed and grain who have a male and female free-range turkeys and these wild guys were just as big.

Whose idea was it to make him the leader in "Follow the leader?"  He has no imagination.

Hey let's go see if they got anything to eat at that blue house.
Nah - let's go attack a mail truck